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UC Davis Department of Philosophy

2006-2007 Colloquia

Philosophy Department

1240 Social Sciences and Humanities
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 752-0607

Fax: (530) 752-8964

Fall, 2006

Picture of Daniel Kaufman October 27

Daniel Kaufman
University of Colorado, Boulder

"Cartesian Material Substances, or Don't Let Corruptibility Bring You Down!"

Winter, 2006

Picture of Kathrin Koslicki January 26

Kathrin Koslicki
Tufts University

"Objects as Structured Wholes"

Picture of Maja Spener February 5

Maja Spener
University College, London

"Phenomenal Adequacy and Introspective Evidence"

Picture of Murat Aydede February 14

Murat Aydede
University of Florida

"Is Feeling Pain the Perception of Something?"

Picture of Matthew Hanser February 19

Matthew Hanser
University of California, Santa Barbara

"Action, Acting and Acting Well"

Picture of Gregory Novack February 23

Gregory Novack
University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Evidential Variety and Describing the Evidence"

Picture of Katherine Dunlop February 26

Katherine Dunlop
Stanford University

"'The Unity of Time as Measure': Kant's Reply to Locke"

Picture of Alexander Jackson February 28

Alexander Jackson
Rutgers University

"A Two-Factor Theory of Justified Belief"

Spring, 2007

Picture of David Chalmers April 13

David Chalmers
The Australian National University

"Probability and Propositions"

Picture of Madgdalena Balcerak April 20

Madgdalena Balcerak
University of Cologne and UC Davis

"The Cognitive Dynamics of Conceptual Analysis"

Picture of Craig Callender April 27

Craig Callender
University of California, San Diego

"What Makes the Present Special?"

Picture of Stewart Cohen May 11

Stewart Cohen
Arizona State University

"Three Approaches to the Airport Case"

Picture of Elisabeth Camp May 18

Elisabeth Camp
University of Pennsylvania

"Thought Without Language"

Picture of Gavin Lawrence June 1

Gavin Lawrence
University of California, Los Angeles

"Is Aristotle's Function Argument Fallacious? Part 1"