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UC Davis Department of Philosophy

Elaine Landry

Philosophy Department

1240 Social Sciences and Humanities
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 752-0607

Fax: (530) 752-8964

A category theory diagram

Associate Professor and Graduate Adviser

Brief Curriculum Vitae

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Office: 2286 Social Sciences and Humanities Building

Phone: (530) 554-1391


Ph.D.: University of Western Ontario, 1998

Dissertation: “Category-Theoretic Realism: A Linguistic Approach to the Philosophy of Mathematics,” directed by John Bell.

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of mathematics (category theory, set theory, model theory), philosophy of science (physics, logical positivism, realism), analytic philosophy (Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap), philosophy of language, logic

Joined the UC Davis Philosophy Faculty: 2008

2011-2012 Course Schedule

200A Proseminar I

30 Introduction to Philosophy of Science
189I Topics in Philosophy of Science

Not Teaching

Other Courses

12 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
112 Intermediate Symbolic Logic
131 Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics
210 Philosophy of Science Seminar
212 Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics Seminar

Recent Publications

“Shared Structure Need Not Be Shared Set-Structure,” Synthese 158 (2007), pp. 1-17.
“Scientific Structuralism: Presentation and Representation” (co-author Katherine Brading), Philosophy of Science, 73 (5) (2006), pp. 571-581.

Currently Supervising Dissertations