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UC Davis Department of Philosophy

Huaping Lu-Adler

Philosophy Department

1240 Social Sciences and Humanities
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 752-0607

Fax: (530) 752-8964

PIcture of Huaping Lu-Adler

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Education: BA, Political Science, Xuzhou Normal University
MPhil, Philosophy, Peking University
MA, University of California, Davis

Areas of Specialization: Kant, History of Early Modern, History of Logic

Areas of Competence: Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, History of Analytic Philosophy

Courses Assisted

Early Modern Philosophy (introduction)
Metaphysics (introduction)
Symbolic Logic (introduction)
Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Reasoning


"Socrates and Aristotle on the Weakness of the Will," Journal of Foreign Philosophy, v.17 (Beijing, 2005).

Review of Amie Thomasson’s Ordinary Objects, APA Newsletters, v.8, n.1, 2008.


“The Problems of Singular and Infinite Judgments in the Critique: A Solution from within Kant’s Extensional Logic,” directed by Henry Allison