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UC Davis Department of Philosophy

G. J. Mattey

Philosophy Department

1240 Social Sciences and Humanities
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 752-0607

Fax: (530) 752-8964

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Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Adviser

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Home Page

Office: 2298 Social Sciences and Humanities Building

Phone: (530) 554-4950


Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh, 1979

Dissertation: “The Idealism of Kant and Berkeley,” directed by Wilfrid Sellars

Areas of Specialization: 17th and 18th century European philosophy, epistemology, logic

Joined the UC Davis Philosophy Faculty: 1977

2011-2012 Course Schedule

102 Theory of Knowledge
290 History of Philosophy

112 Intermediate Symbolic Logic
175 Kant


1 Introduction to Philosophy
114 History of Ethics

Other Courses

12 Introduction to Logic
21 History of Philosophy: Ancient
22 History of Philosophy: Early Modern
113 Metalogic
134 Modal Logic
143 Hellenistic Philosophy
151 Nineteenth Century European Philosophy
156 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
157 Twentieth Century European Philosophy
168 Descartes
170 Leibniz
174 Hume
189C Topics in Theory of Knowledge
202 Theory of Knowledge Seminar
275 Kant Seminar

Recent Publications

“Self-Trust and the Reasonableness of Acceptance,” in Erik J. Olsson, ed., The Epistemology of Keith Lehrer, Dordrecht, 2003

Currently Supervising Dissertations