Second Paper Topic

Philosophy 102

Fall, 2003

Length should be approximately 5-6 pages. Please use a line spacing of 3 lines per inch and a left margin of 1½ inches, 1 inch elsewhere. Point size may be no less than 10.* Please be sure the printing is clear and that the paper stock is of a type that does not make handwriting difficult. Papers will be evaluated on the basis of both content and quality of writing. You may cite the assigned readings in the text and the Web notes for this class.

Due: December 1, in class.

One of the central debates in recent theory of knowledge concerns the issue of whether epistemic justification requires a “foundation.” Explain the basic argument for the claim that a foundation is needed for justification. Then show what such a foundation might look like. Then give an argument to the effect that a foundation is impossible. Show how justification could be understood without a foundation. Finally, give at least one criticism of such a “coherentist” account of justification. Which side do you find to be more plausible: foundationalism or coherentism?

*This is an example of 10-point type.

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