Philosophy 102

Theory of Knowledge

Fall, 2003

Instructor: Dr. G. J. Mattey

Office: 2298 Social Science and Humanities, M 1-2, T 10-11:45

Phone: 752-0609



Reading Assignment

October 1

Plato (Sec. 1), Sextus Empiricus (Sec. 2)

October 6

Descartes, Meditation I (Sec. 2), II, II (Sec. 5)

October 8

Kitcher (Sec. 9)

October 13

James (Sec. 4)

October 15

Foley (Sec. 4)

October 20

Alston (Sec. 4)

October 22

Feldman (Sec. 4)

October 27

Alston (Sec. 5)

October 29

BonJour (Sec. 6)

November 3

Meyers (Sec. 6)

November 5

Audi (Sec. 5)

November 10

Goldman (Sec. 3)

November 12

Goldman, “Strong and Weak Justification” (Sec. 7)

November 17

Fumerton (Sec. 7)

November 19

Kim (Sec. 8)

November 24

Sosa (Sec. 7)

November 26

Moore (Sec. 2)

December 1

Stroud (Sec. 2)

December 3

No Reading

December 8 (4:00-6:00)

Final Examination

Text: Readings in Epistemology, ed. Jack S. Crumley II

Virtual Text:

Course Requirements:

There will be an in-class final examination, open-book (not open-notes), comprising 40% of the grade. There will be two papers of roughly 1500-words, which will be analyses of specific problems discussed in class. The papers will be weighted 30% each. All work must be completed for the course to be passed. Late papers will be docked one level (e.g., A- to B+) per two working days late. If, without prior permission, the final examination is not taken at the scheduled time or any paper is delinquent at the time of the final, a grade of F will be assigned for the course. Permission from the instructor must be obtained

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