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Recent Ph.D.s Jim Blackmon and Christian Coons at the 2007 Graduate Studies graduation ceremony

The following is a list of all Ph.D.s awarded by the UC Davis Graduate Program in Philosophy, with the dissertation title and faculty adviser(s). (Click here or on the name for links and current occupation.)


George Daniel Gale, Jr.
Leibniz: the Physicist and the Philosopher
Marjorie Grene


Frederick Joseph O'Toole
Qualities and Powers in the Corpuscular Philosophy of Robert Boyle
Ronald A. Arbini


John Michael King
Functionalist Explanations of Behavior
Ronald A. Arbini
Judy Carol Williams
The Philosophical Significance of the Notion of Seeing-as
Ronald A. Arbini


Bruce Alan Russell
Rawls and Utilitarianism: A Comparison and Critique
Fred R. Berger


Stephen Richard Hibbard
Particular Identity and Particular Reality in Plato's Middle Dialogues
John F. Malcolm


Jerald Lee Mosley
A Posteriori Necessity: Some Recent Views
Michael V. Wedin


Burke Hilden
Excluded-Opposite Arguments
Ronald A. Arbini
Paula Blanche Hunter
Architectonic and Critical Philosophy
George J. Mattey II


Linda Kay Bomstad
The Corpuscular Theory and the Semantics of Natural Kind Terms in Locke's Essay
Ronald A. Arbini


Theodore Ambrose Gracyk
Epistemological Sources of Kant's Aesthetic Theory
George J. Mattey II
Alistair Moles
The Metaphysical Principles of Nietzsche's Cosmology
Joel I. Friedman
Timothy Dean Roche
Aristotle on the Good of Man
Michael V. Wedin


Katarina Elsbeth Helene Dulckheit
Hegel on Meaning and Reference
George J. Mattey II


Dirk Meier Leben
On the Possible, the Impossible and God: The Medieval Latin Philosophical Development of New Testament Sources
Neal W. Gilbert


Jay Wallis Gallagher
Staking a Claim to Knowledge in an Alien Framework: From Foucault's Critique of the Confessional to Mae West on Men
George J. Mattey II and Mary Anne Warren


Tony Daniel Roy
On Possibility and Possible Worlds
Michael E. Jubien


David Lopez
The Question of a Sartrean Ethics
William H. Bossart


Melinda Lou Campbell
The Reality of Color: The Case for Subjective Realism
Richard Wollheim
William Stafford Hirstein
The Problem of Self-Belief
Richard Wollheim
Marina Alexandra Lisa Oshana
Autonomy as a Social Phenomenon
John Martin Fischer


Leonard David Olson
Hegel and the Doctrine of the Trinity
William H. Bossart


Jordi Cat
Maxwell's Interpretation of the Electric and Magnetic Potentials: The Methods of Illustration, Analogy and Scientific Metaphor
Paul R. Teller


Nancy Elizabeth Shaffer
Understanding Bias in Scientific Practice
Paul R. Teller


Scott Andrew Merlino
Are Biological Species Individuals?
James R. Griesemer
Robert Wilson Mutti
The Semantic Content of Proper Names
Jeffrey C. King
David Eric Nachmanoff
A Moral Justification for the Right to National Self-Determination
David Copp
Howard Mark Pressman
Hume on Geometry and Infinite Divisibility
George J. Mattey II
Leslie Elizabeth Stapp
A Revision of David Lewis's "Golden Card": The Classification of Relations Via a New Intrinsic/Extrinsic Property Relation
Michael E. Jubien


Elizabeth Volk Forrester
Emergent Properties
Paul R. Teller


Judith Worth Cross
The Nature of Events
Michael E. Jubien
Richard Constanz Shubert
Moral Judgments, Normative Reasons, and the Motivation of the Practically Rational
David Copp


Sherry Lynn Deveaux
The Essence of Spinoza's God
Joel I. Friedman and Don Garrett


Patrick John Findler
Moral Properties, Secondary Qualities, and Moral Motivation
David Copp
Robert Schofield
Skepticism and Analogical Reasoning in Law
David Copp
Christina Waters
Sartre on the Magical
William H. Bossart


Todd Harris
The Construction and Evaluation of Data Models in Cell Biology
James R. Griesemer
William Russell Payne
On the Nature of Dispositions
Michael E. Jubien


James David Byrd, Jr.
Is a Unified Account of Concepts Possible?
Robert C. Cummins
Martin Anthony Anderson Roth
The Role of Programs in Connectionist Explanations of Cognition
Robert C. Cummins


Lynn O'Neil Fox
Equality in Meeting Basic Needs: Reasons for, and Challenges to, a Theory of Distributive Justice that Focuses on Basic Needs
Gerald Dworkin and David Copp


Matthew Horace Haber
The Centrality of Phylogenetic Thinking
James R. Griesemer


Christian Lang Coons
The Value of Individuals and the Value of States of Affairs
Pekka Väyrynen and Connie S. Rosati
David James Freelove
The Axioms and Substance in Aristotle's Science of Metaphysics
Michael V. Wedin
Alexa Heidi Lee
A Defense of Descriptivism
Michael Glanzberg and Robert C. Cummins


James Craig Blackmon
Computationalism and the Putnam-Searle Thesis
Paul R. Teller and Robert C. Cummins


Brooke S. Roberts
A Reactive Attitudes Account of Desert
Gerald Dworkin and Pekka Väyrynen


Dana Lynn Goswick
Ontology and Modality
L.A. Paul and Cody Gilmore
David Ian Spencer
Time, Tense, and Mind: A Case Study in Metaphysics and Perspectival Representation
Paul Teller


Gina Marie Calderone
The Indeterminacy of Meaning
Michael Jubien and Cody Gilmore
Nicholas Jeremiah Diehl
Narration in Literature and Film
George Wilson and James Griesemer