Final Examination

Philosophy 21

Fall, 2001

Answer two questions, one from each part.

Part One (Answer this question)

Compare and contrast the views of the philosophers you have studied concerning the proper conduct of life.  (Bring in as many philosophers you think are relevant to the question, though you need not include any of the philosophers after Aristotle.)

Part Two (Answer one question from this part)

1.  Compare and contrast the views of the pre-Socratic philosophers on the “first-principle”  (archĂȘ)) of all things.  

2.  Explain Plato's theory of the forms.  What problem was it supposed to solve, and how was it supposed to solve the problem?

3.  Explain these aspects of Aristotle's theory of substance:  What is a substance? What kinds of substances are there?  What role do substances play in his account of the world?  

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