Philosophy 102
Second Paper Topic

In an essay of approximately 1500 words, discuss the aspects listed below of Lehrer's theory of justification as described in Chapter 6 of Theory of Knowledge.

Due: November 27, 2002, in class

1. You will re-work the thought experiment from your first paper. If your case was found by the Reader to have problems (e.g., the conclusion is false, not enough evidence is given, the wrong kind of evidence is given, it is poorly expressed), repair it. If the person in your example would lose the "justification games" mentioned in 2. and 4. below, fix the case so the person would win. State the original or repaired thought experiment in a non-technical ("common-sense") way.

2. Using the basic version of the "justification game" specified on page 132, show how the person in your thought experiment meets the condition for justification stated at the top of the page. Use several skeptical objections specific to your case the kinds of doubts that would occur naturally to a person weighing the available evidence. Follow the format given in the text for the exposition of the justification game.

3. Explain the role in your person's justification of the "principle of trustworthiness of acceptance" stated on page 138.

4. Comment on the effectiveness of Lehrer's account of justification, specifically addressing these points as well as any others you deem relevant.

a. In light of the technical account of justification as answering objections, what is your attitude toward Lehrer's claim that a person can be justified despite the fact that the justification depends on a false statement?

b. Does Lehrer's account of justification help or harm your defense in the first paper of the person's being justified?

c. Do you wish to say that the person in your thought experiment lacks knowledge?

d. Can you think of any defects in Lehrer's analysis of justification?