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History of Ethics

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Recent News

  • The second paper is due May 30

These are the reading assignments for this class. Readings are from the course text, Classics of Moral and Political Theory.

Month Day Philosopher(s) Reading
April 2 Introduction
4 Socrates Euthyphro, Apology, Crito
6 Plato Republic II
9 Plato Republic, III
11 Plato Republic IV
13 Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics I
16 Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics II
18 Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics III
20 Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics VII
23 Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics X
25 Epicurus, Epictetus Letters, “Doctrines,” Encheiridion
27 Skepticism Handouts on Sextus Empiricus (see SmartSite)
30 Augustine, Aquinas City of God, Summa (Q. 90, 91, 94)
May 2 Hume Treatise II.III.III
4 Hume Treatise III.I.I
7 Hume Treatise III.I.II
9 Kant Grounding, Preface, Section I
11 Kant Grounding, Section I
14 Kant Grounding, Section II
16 Kant Grounding, Section II
18 Kant Grounding, Section III
21 Mill
23 Mill Utilitarianism I, II
25 Mill Utilitarianism III
30 Mill Utilitarianism IV
June 1 Nietzsche Genealogy I
4 Nietzsche Genealogy II
6 Nietzsche Genealogy III