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Spinoza and Leibniz

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Drawing of Spinoza


Recent News

  • Class will not be held on December 10, and the schedule of readings has been adjusted accordingly.
  • The second paper topic is due Wednesday, December 3, in class.
  • The assignment for Parts III and IV of the Ethics was narrowed to the parenthesized items.
  • The assignment for the Arnauld correspondence was narrowed to the first letter.

This is a listing of class reading assignments. Readings with links may be found on line.

Month Day Topic Reading
October 6 Introductory Remarks
8 Spinoza and Descartes The Principles of Descartes’ Philosophy, Part One
13 Spinoza’s Early Epistemology Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect
15 Spinoza’s Ontology Ethics, Part I
20 Spinoza’s Ontology Ethics, Part I
22 Spinoza’s Ontology Ethics, Part I
27 Spinoza’s Philosophy of Mind Ethics, Part II
29 Spinoza’s Philosophy of Mind Ethics, Part II
November 3 Spinoza’s Theory of the Emotions Ethics, Part III (Definition of the Emotions) and IV (Appendix)
5 Spinoza’s Theory of Human Freedom Ethics, Part V
10 Leibniz on Descartes and Spinoza Comments on Spinoza’s Philosophy
12 Leibniz’s Logic Preface to a Universal Characteristic, Samples of the Numerical Characteristic
17 Leibniz’s Early Epistemology Meditations on Knowledge, Truth and Ideas, Primary Truths
19 Necessity and Contingency On Contingency, Discourse on Metaphysics, Section 13, On the Ultimate Origination of Things
24 Human and Divine Freedom Correspondence with Arnauld (first letter), Dialogue on Human Freedom and the Origin of Evil
26 The Metaphysics of Substance Discourse on Metaphysics
December 1 Monads Monadology
3 Theodicy Principles of Nature and Grace, Based on Reason
8 Dispute with Samuel Clarke From the letters to Clarke
10 No class