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Title page of the Critik der reinen Vernunft

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This is a listing of lecture notes by G. J. Mattey for UC Davis Philosophy 175, Kant.

Introduction (2012)

The Leibniz-Wolff Philosophy (2017)

Analytic and Synthetic Judgments (2012)

Space (2017)

Time (2017)

Transcendental Idealism (2012)

Metaphysical Deduction (2012)

Transcendental Deduction (2017)

Substance (2019)

Causality (2019)

Possibility, Existence, Necessity (2012)

Existence of the External World (2012)

Phenomena and Noumena (2019)

Rational Psychology (2019)

The Magnitude of the World (2019)

The Causal Series (2019)

Existence of God (2019)

Practical Reason (2012)