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19th Century European Philosophy

Philosophy Department

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Friedrich Nietzsche

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Here are the reading assignments for Philosophy 151. Readings are taken from Patrick Gardiner’s Nineteenth Century Philosophy and from on-line sources. The schedule is subject to change.

Month Day Topic Reading
September 30 Introductory Remarks
October 2 Kant and his Successors Fichte, Divine Government
7 Schopenhauer I Will selections
9 Schopenhauer II Character, Virtue, Incommunicability
14 Hegel I The General Concept of Logic
16 Hegel II Phenomenology
21 Hegel III Philosophy of History
23 Marx I Critique of Hegel
28 Marx II Feuerbach Theses, German Ideology
30 Marx III Alienated Labor
November 4 Kierkegaard I The Absolute Paradox
6 Kierkegaard II Faith and the Absurd
13 Kierkegaard III Melancholy, Dread
18 Nietzsche I Life, etc., Reason in Philosophy
20 Nietzsche II Genealogy of Morals
25 Nietzsche III Prejudices of Philosophers
27 Dostoyevski I Notes from Underground
December 2 Dostoyevski II The Grand Inquisitor
4 Conclusion