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UC Davis Department of Philosophy

19th Century European Philosophy

Philosophy Department

1240 Social Sciences and Humanities
University of California, Davis
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Picture of Soren Kierkegaard

Søren Kierkegaard

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This is the material covered in each class. Instruction will begin Fall Quarter, 2013.

  • September 30: Introductory Remarks
  • October 2: Kantian Philosophy and Fichte
  • October 7: Schopenhauer, through “The Basic Argument for Idealism”
  • October 9: Schopenhauer, from “Schopenhauer’s Idealism” through “Motives, ” plus “The Roles of Will and Intellect in Action” and “The Inclinations of the Will”
  • October 14: Schopenhauer, from “Virtue and Dogma” through “Nothingness.” Hegel, through “Transcendental Idealism”
  • October 16: Hegel, from “The Content of Logic” through “The Emergence of Spirit”
  • October 21: Hegel, from “Acknowledgement” through “The Individual and the State”
  • October 23: Hegel, from “Modern Errors Concerning the State” through “The National Spirit.” Marx, through “Naturalism”
  • October 28: Marx, from “Hegel’s Transformations through “The Fruits of Labor”
  • October 30: Marx, from “The Alienation of Labor” through “How to Bring About the Revolution”
  • November 4: Kierkegaard, from “Philosophical Fragments ” through “Factual Being and Ideal Being”
  • November 6: Kierkegaard, from “The Works of God” through “Truth and the Relation to the Object”
  • November 13: Kierkegaard, from “‘The Dialectical Difficulty’ through “Dread and Faith”
  • November 18: Nietzsche, through “What ‘Knowledge” Really Is”
  • November 20: Nietzsche, from “Twilight of the Idols” through “Origin of ‘Good” and ‘Bad””
  • November 25: Nietzsche, from “Goodness and Utility” through “Untruth as a Condition of Life”
  • November 27: Nietzsche, from “Prejudices of Philosophers” through “The Triumph of Psychology”
  • December 2: Dostoyevski, through “One Must Endure Humans to Embrace Humanity”
  • December 4: Dostoyevski, through “The Grand Inquisitor”