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Topics in Theory of Knowledge

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Recent News

  • Second paper due Wednesday, May 26

This is the home page of G. J. Mattey's Philosophy 189C, Topics in Theory of Knowledge, for Spring Quarter, 2010.

The Course

The 189x "Topics in" series is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at some particular are of philosophy. The prerequisite is one upper-division course in that area, which in the present case would be Philosophy 102, Theory of Knowledge

The Topic

We will be doing a close reading of a 2006 book by Michael Bergmann of Purdue University, entitled Justification without Awareness. This book presents a sustained argument in favor of "epistemic externalism." Bergmann first attacks the rival view, "epistemic internalism," then develops a version of externalism, and finally defends it against two important objections. We will be covering the book at a rate of approximately a chapter per week. In the process Bergmann touches on many of the most familiar and fundamental arguments in this area of contemporary theory of knowledge.

Upcoming Colloquium

Friday, May 7, Jonathan Weisberg, University of Toronto