Contents of G. J. Mattey’s Notes on Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature

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Introduction (2010, 1/7/20)Abstract (2009, 3/9/13)Appendix (2013, 4/11/13)
Book I, Part I
Of ideas, their origin, composition,
connexion, abstraction, &c.
Book II, Part I
Of pride and humility
Book III, Part I
Of virtue and vice in general
Book I, Part II
Of the ideas of space and time
Book II, Part II
Of love and hatred
Book III, Part II
Of justice and injustice
Book I, Part III
Of knowledge and probability
Book II, Part III
Of the will and direct passions
Book III, Part III
Of the other virtues and vices
Book I, Part IV
Of the sceptical and other
systems of philosophy

Note: The first date after each entry is either that of the original notes or of their last substantial revision. The second date indicates the last editorial revision.